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      1. Multimedia Translation & Localization

        A complete localization service for multimedia translation, rich web media and Flash™ animations

        Multimedia animations often have global appeal, but in many instances they cannot be understood by a multilingual global audience. WorldLingo draws on an integrated production network across all 4 international offices, allowing us to optimize workflow and achieve cost efficiencies to help companies reduce the cost of translation, for rich media websites, multimedia presentations and games. Our specialist terminologies and translators deliver accurate translations in all commercial languages for a variety of animation technologies and formats including:

        • Animated GIF's
        • Macromedia Flash
        • Macromedia Shockwave
        • 3D Studio Max
        • Alias
        • Direct X
        • SoftImage

        WorldLingo makes the localization process easy. We work with your original source files to extract the text before translating and localizing the published file. We offer guidance and advice at all stages of your project, ensuring a successful delivery of your localized source files, on time and within budget.

        WorldLingo's translation / localization process

        One of the first tasks we complete is analysis of your animation and movie files to better understand how it's assembled and to determine the scope of localization. Creating a movie specification document simplifies this task and enables us to isolate the core components that make up the file:

        • System fonts used in the movie and other text attributes
        • Color specifications
        • ActionScript information relevant to localization
        • Information about animation
        • Navigation and interactions

        Next we extract all text strings from the animation file, using WorldLingo's translation management tools. Once the text has been organized and labeled according to its function, it is translated into the specified language. The translated text is then inserted back into placement in the source file. Once localization is complete, the localized movie is systematically tested for script errors and broken links. Text is checked to verify that literal translations make sense and that translations that aren't literal still capture the intention of the original text.

        Localization quality assurance

        Our engineering process is based on a model which includes extensive Quality Assurance procedures. Each software localization project is completed within a consistent, quality-centric framework. Quality and workflow processes can be adapted to integrate with existing client-side environments. During all phases of the localization life cycle process our management and production teams working from offices in the US, Europe and Australasia control every aspect of the process through our quality assurance procedures.

        Why use WorldLingo to localize your multimedia?

        • Expertise, experience & professional trust from performing thousands of translations each day
        • Global organisation with offices in the US , Australasia and Europe
        • Global network of over 5,000 professional translators
        • Support for over 141 languages
        • Support for all gaming platforms and programming languages
        • High quality assurance procedures
        • Translation asset management system to reuse and leverage your localized translation assets
        • Highly experienced localization project managers
        • Development and maintenance of comprehensive client specific lexicons and glossaries
        • Translation memory engineering
        • Technical & linguistic quality assurance
        • In-country localization and engineering
        • Audio recording and Voice over talent

        We offer...

        • Fast, accurate document translations available worldwide - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year!
        • Experienced, native-speaking translators for over 141 languages
        • Translation progress reports available, and accessible on-line
        • Translation memory to save you time and money in the future
        • Translation Asset Management solutions to reduce costs and achieve faster turnaround times

        Order online your translation online now

        You can get an instant quote, submit your document for translation or request more information by using the Online Order form (above right). Alternatively you can call us on the numbers below:


        United Kingdom

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