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      1. Game Localization

        A complete localization service for translating console, PC and arcade based video games

        WorldLingo's breadth of resource enables us to provide a complete software translation and localization solution enabling your international customers to play your games seamlessly in their own language. We offer guidance and advice at all stages of your project, ensuring a successful delivery of your localized software product, on time and within budget.

        Worldlingo's localization process

        1. Extraction of assets

        From initial raw assets (including source code, audio, video and graphics files) delivered to the company, our engineers will extract any assets that require localization, making sure that any glossary and contextual information is retained.

        2. Conversion of files for localization

        Source code and binary file types often contain text to be localized, embedded within code and instruction sets. There may be hundreds or even thousands of files requiring work. Our software engineers will convert these and other files to an optimal format for localization by our translators.

        3. Re-engineering game software

        Once text, audio, video and graphics files have been localized, the Department will re-integrate the localized material, then re-compile the product to create a Beta Master, testing the re-integrated product at each stage.

        Localization quality assurance

        Our engineering process is based on a model which includes extensive Quality Assurance procedures. Each software localization project is completed within a consistent, quality-centric framework. Quality and workflow processes can be adapted to integrate with existing client-side environments.? During all phases of the localization life cycle process our management and production teams working from offices in the US , Europe and Australasia control every aspect of the process through our quality assurance procedures.

        Managing your localized software assets

        Of increasing importance to all companies engaged in video game localization projects, is the need to maximize the often hidden 'value' in the translation assets they hold. Tools used to ensure that a video game localization process is consistent and accurate can now also provide the means to drive language technology developments that will revolutionize the way in which your localized software and support materials (even your day-to-day business communications) are created and delivered. WorldLingo's translation asset management system enables you to leverage your existing translation assets to reduce the cost of current and future game version localizations.

        Handling all software localization needs

        Worldlingo engineers can localize your video game on most platforms including:

        • Microsoft Windows
        • Sony Playstation
        • Microsoft XBOX
        • Nintendo Game Cube
        • Mac
        • Solaris/Linux
        • And other handheld gaming devices

        Some of the tools we use include:

        • Microsoft Office suite
        • Adobe FrameMaker
        • Adobe Illustrator
        • Adobe InDesign
        • Adobe Photoshop
        • Macromedia Fireworks
        • Quark Xpress
        • Paint Shop Pro
        • Macromedia Flash
        • Macromedia Dreamweaver
        • Adobe GoLive
        • Microsoft Help Workshop
        • SQL server
        • Oracle
        • Apache
        • Trados Workbench
        • SDLX
        • Déjà Vu

        Why use WorldLingo to localize your video game?

        • Expertise, experience & professional trust from performing thousands of translations each day
        • Global organisation with offices in the US , Australasia and Europe
        • Global network of over 5,000 professional translators
        • Support for over 141 languages
        • Support for all gaming platforms and programming languages
        • High quality assurance procedures
        • Translation asset management system to reuse and leverage your localized translation assets
        • Highly experienced localization project managers
        • Development and maintenance of comprehensive client specific lexicons and glossaries
        • Translation memory engineering
        • Technical & linguistic quality assurance
        • In-country localization and engineering
        • Audio recording and Voice over talent

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