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      1. Chat Translator

        Multilingual instant messaging

        Whatever your needs, WorldLingo Chat offers you the rewards of multilingual communication. From website owners and customer service providers to international business and individuals we have solutions to benefit you.

        • Conduct instantaneous discussions and obtain real-time feedback with customers from all corners of the globe.
        • Maintain closer ties with teams and individuals in international offices through multilingual Intranet solutions.
        • Facilitate distance learning and corporate training.
        • Strengthen inter-company communications and foster favorable, mutually respectful relations.
        • Allow customers to communicate comfortably in their native language.
        • Provide instantaneous service solutions to customers.
        • Increase your site traffic by adding value to your website. In an age where international business and e-commerce is flourishing, translation tools are highly sought-after!

        Complete live service solution

        We offer a complete live service solution, giving you the power of real-time multilingual Chat, and beyond. With the Chat Translator you can conduct on-line conferences, meetings, interviews, events and more. The technology is seamlessly and easily integrated into your existing site, and is suited to a variety of applications:

        • eLearning - enter the virtual classroom
        • eCommunity Building - get people talking about your products and services
        • eConsulting - efficient and cost effective ways for consulting companies to serve their clients
        • Interactive Intranet Solutions - real-time interaction to enhance your productivity
        • On-line Financial Services - combining benefits of e-business with the human interaction buyers crave

        An internationally proven solution, over 500 sites worldwide currently use eLiveService. Some of the biggest names in business, government, education and entertainment have implemented the technology, including: Alcatel, Bostech Corporation, Cable & Wireless Ltd, Charles Schwab & Co Inc., Council of Europe, Cyro InteractiveCommunitech.net, France Telecom, MediaCorp, Medical Central Online, Mercury Hosting, MyLearningplace, Networking Enterprises, Plumeus Inc, SelfTrade, Sony Music, The FutureStock, Review, Toyota, UCLA, United Nation Development Program, US WestPoint Military Academy.

        For more detailed information, please contact a sales rep.

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        Test results from the UK's biggest selling Internet magazine report:

        "WorldLingo has the widest range of languages and does the best, often the fastest, job of unraveling foreign websites and phrases."
        Web User Magazin

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