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        TurboLinux's New Cluster Server 6 Powers Leading Language Translation Website

        WorldLingo builds global ASP business on TurboLinux and Dell Poweredge Servers.

        SAN FRANCISCO, October 23, 2000 - TurboLinux?, Inc., the high-performance Linux company, today announced that WorldLingo, the leader in foreign-language e-mail translation, is using TurboLinux Cluster Server 6 and Dell Poweredge Servers as the clustering infrastructure for its booming new Web business.

        WorldLingo, with offices in four countries, currently runs its business on three clusters, all using Dell PowerEdge 2450 servers running TurboLinux Cluster Server 6. One cluster hosts WorldLingo's Apache Web servers, another is running the company's application servers and the third is home to the servers that do the actual translations.

        "As a start-up, cost and stability were big consideration when we were deciding what technology to launch," said Phil Scanlan, Chairman for WorldLingo "TurboLinux provided us with an affordable solution that can handle a high volume of traffic and scale easily."

        "WorldLingo is a great example of a company which needed a flexible, high-availability solution at an affordable price," said Rok Sosic, CTO for TurboLinux. "TurboLinux Cluster Server 6 is a robust, secure and highly available solution that continues to power a growing number of highly trafficked dot-coms."

        TurboLinux's Cluster Server 6 offers customers one of the most affordable and robust web clustering solutions on the market. The new TurboLinux application further demonstrates TurboLinux's commitment to customers and to pioneering technology innovations within the high availability and scalability space.

        TurboLinux has added more than 20 new powerful features, building upon the award-winning technology of its original TurboCluster Server 4.0, honored by Linux Journal in 1999 as the Best Web Solution and picked as Best Product for Enterprise Customers at the prestigious IT 2000 Sydney


        About WorldLingo

        WorldLingo is a leading provider of integrated, online translation solutions. The company's services range from cost effective machine translation solutions, to professional human translation and culturally sensitive localization. A global network of over 5,000 professional translators produces human translations. WorldLingo also offers unique, real-time translation solutions for two-way email and instant messaging. These solutions make it easy for businesses and professionals to interact with internal and external multilingual audiences anywhere in the world. By combining accurate and cost effective translation, WorldLingo is taking great strides towards breaking down language barriers in the world of commerce.

        WorldLingo produces thousands of translations every day. Clients include AT&T, Sony, Eli Lilly, Belkin, Cadbury Schweppes, Qualcomm, Priceline, and Tribal DDB. WorldLingo is also an official supplier of translation services to the European Union. In addition, Microsoft has integrated WorldLingo's technology into Office XP and Word 2002. WorldLingo is a global organisation with offices in the US, Australasia and Europe.

        For more information: contact WorldLingo


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